Self scanning

ICA launched their self-scanning service 10 years ago and it has been hugely successful ever since. This service allows customers to scan goods and place them directly in their shopping bags as they go through the store - making checkout as easy as going to a self-service machine and paying. Not only does it save time for the customers but it also frees up the staff to offer better service in the store. However, the existing system is based on bulky handheld scanners that have to be installed in the store in order for the service to be available. 


So why not use what the customers are already bringing to the store - their phones? We made it possible to scan products directly from your phone - a feature that works seamlessly with the recipes and shopping lists. Customers can also scan products in their homes to add that product to their shopping list - for instance when you run out of milk, just scan the carton to quickly alert your spouse whose out grocery shopping to add it in their cart.